moving transactions from one "file" to another

Brian J. Murrell brian at
Wed Nov 12 06:16:51 CST 2003

I started a GnuCash file, entering a stack of reciepts for expense
tracking purposes.  I have since decided I wanted to redesign my account
structure to better reflect where the money was going to/coming from and
started a new file.

I really am dreading having to re-enter that stack of reciepts.  All of
the expense accounts they were posted to are the same in my new file,
but the offsetting account structure has been changed.

First, is there a way to export a group of transactions -- for example
all transactions involving my Expense accounts -- in a way that I can
import them into my new GnuCash file?  Heck can I even export and import
between GnuCash files?

Even better, can I edit those transactions between exporting and
importing to change the offsetting accounts?

I am a programmer, very handy in many languages (seeing as the whole
GnuCash account is just XML, Perl might be very handy for this task), so
even an explanation suitable for somebody with some data processing
skills would be most appreciated.


My other computer is your Microsoft Windows server.

Brian J. Murrell
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