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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 12 11:52:18 CST 2003

You dont have libgal-devel


(-devel removed from CC, this is not a devel issue)

Mike Dougherty <MikeD at san.rr.com> writes:

> OK, so in order to attempt to diagnosis this on my own I figured I would compile it
> and see which errors were reported and (hopefully) that would tell me which library
> is misbehaving. So I ran "./configure" and received the following output:
> checking for main in -lgal... Unknown library `gal'
> no
> configure: error: gal library not found. See the README and config.log for more
> info.
> However, I have gal's installed all over the place:
> [user at loclahost]~(8:39am)[71]->rpm -qa | grep gal
> libgal18-0.18.1-ximian.1
> libgal23-0.24-1.80.ximian.1
> libgal21-0.23-1.80.ximian.1
> libgal2.0_3-1.99.8-0.ximian.5.3
> galeon-1.3.5-0.ximian.5.7
> libgal19-0.19.2-4
> libgal2.0_5-1.99.10-0.ximian.5.1
> libgal7-0.8-7
> How do I tell configure to use one of these installed libgal's? I'm kind of behind
> the gun here as I need to balance my accounts, so any help would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mike

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