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Linas Vepstas linas at linas.org
Wed Nov 12 10:53:18 CST 2003

On Wed, Nov 12, 2003 at 08:49:47AM -0800, Mike Dougherty was heard to remark:
> OK, so in order to attempt to diagnosis this on my own I figured I would
> compile it and see which errors were reported and (hopefully) that would
> tell me which library is misbehaving. So I ran "./configure" and
> received the following output:
> checking for main in -lgal... Unknown library `gal'
> no
> configure: error: gal library not found. See the README and config.log
> for more info.
> However, I have gal's installed all over the place:
> [user at loclahost]~(8:39am)[71]->rpm -qa | grep gal
> libgal18-0.18.1-ximian.1
> libgal23-0.24-1.80.ximian.1
> libgal21-0.23-1.80.ximian.1
> libgal2.0_3-1.99.8-0.ximian.5.3
> galeon-1.3.5-0.ximian.5.7
> libgal19-0.19.2-4
> libgal2.0_5-1.99.10-0.ximian.5.1
> libgal7-0.8-7
> How do I tell configure to use one of these installed libgal's? I'm kind
> of behind the gun here as I need to balance my accounts, so any help
> would be greatly appreciated.

Take a look at config.status. That will give you more detail as to 
what it was doing when it failed.  It may not be gal, it just might
be some other missing library that gal needed (e.g font? print ??).


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