Building gnucash on OS X--enlightenment requested

Rich Johnson rjohnson at
Tue Nov 18 11:49:33 CST 2003

I haven't been having much luck building gnucash from CVS sources on OS 
X (10.2.8)
I'm starting from scratch and haven't found the relevant HOWTO info.    
I've stumbled past
a few road blocks but can't shake the feeling that I've missed 
something basic.  Can someone
give me a few hints?

So far I've found that adding the following to the environment move the 
process along:
(The last three from a post by Peter Gorman last Dec.)

ACLOCAL_FLAGS=-I /sw/share/aclocal

The process still fails with:
checking for g-wrap module directory... /sw/share/guile/1.6/g-wrap-1.3.4
checking if g-wrap works... ERROR: Could not find slib/require.scm in  
("/sw/share/guile/1.6/g-wrap-1.3.4" "/sw/share/guile/site" 
"/sw/share/guile/1.4" "/sw/share/guile" ".")
configure: error: g-wrap could not run.  Perhaps missing slib?

Fink reports:

Information about 2425 packages read in 14 seconds.
  i   slib             2d6-1        Portable scheme library
      slib-gu14        2d6-1        Portable scheme library for guile
  i   slib-gu16        2d6-1        Portable scheme library for guile16

and require.scm resides in /sw/slib not /sw/share/guile...

What should be my next step?

With the exception of the 4 variables the environment is completely 
"out of the box".
All utilities were installed from either distribution disk or fink 
without modification.
CVS sources have been downloaded to /sw/src/gnucash; and I plan on 
installing to /sw

FWIW, "fink install gnucash" successfully builds and installs v1.8.7.


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