Can't print on OS X; lock

Chris Hunter workindog at
Fri Nov 21 21:26:26 CST 2003

Hello. I am rather new to things, so please don't speak too 
intelligently! <smile>

I am running OS X Jaguar on a G4, older model, and used the xfree86 
package, not the apple x11 package, as I couldn't track it down since 
the release of Panther. Sigh... I used Fink to install Gnucash 1.8.7 
with the usual stops to install some wayward dependency. It has been 
running well with 2 exceptions:

1. When I select a check and tell it to print, It does not print. The 
"Print GnuCash Document" window comes up, and I say in the printer 
space "lp " .  In my xterm window it says "request id is 
Stylus_COLOR_880-144 (1 files(s))"  But nothing prints.  I can go to 
the other xterm window and say "lp filename.txt" and it will print the 
named file. I  have tried "lpr" and such, and that can work as well, 
but not in gnucash. Nothing happens.

2. When I open gnucash, it says it cannot get the lock on the file, and 
asks if I should open anyway. I say yes. It asks this every time.

I sure appreciate any help you can give. I've learned much just from 
reading the digests.


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