mini-ANNOUNCE: Cap Gains more-or-less done in CVS HEAD

Greg Stark gsstark at
Sun Nov 23 02:36:14 CST 2003

linas at (Linas Vepstas) writes:

> Code to automatically compute and handle capital gains on stock
> accounts is more-or-less done, in the CVS HEAD branch.  There's
> a simple GUI called "View Lots" .  

Uh, so I haven't tried out this new feature, and while it sounds neat I have a
question I fear to ask. This concept of Lots and capital gains being
calculated against the purchase price of specific Lots is the American method
for calculating capital gains. Does Gnucash support other methods?

For example the Canadian tax calculation (at least as I was taught) is to
calculate the average purchase price of all the holdings of a given stock. So
if I buy 100 shares at $10 and 100 shares at $20, then sell a hundred shares
my cost basis is $15. The remaining shares also have a cost basis of $15.

I wonder if other countries have other creative solutions to this situation.

I'm sorry if I've just thrown a wrench in your shiny new code :/


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