g-wrap command not found

Erin Carlson junkmail at retropepper.com
Sun Nov 30 13:24:09 CST 2003


I'm trying to compile gnucash for my slackware 8.1 system.  The problem
is g-wrap.

I installed g-wrap-1.3.4 using a slackware package (did not satisfy
gnucash), then I compiled g-wrap-1.3.4 from source.  Still, the gnucash
configure script says:

checking for g-wrap-config... (cached) /usr/local/bin/g-wrap-config
checking for g-wrap... no

So, as a check, I commented-out the code which bails configure when it
finds no "g-wrap."  Upon compile, I get this interesting error:

   /bin/sh: g-wrap: command not found

Now I don't know much about "g-wrap," but I DO know that when I compile
from source (and set prefix=/opt/g-wrap), there is NO command called
"g-wrap" installed anywhere.  There are only libraries, header files,
and syntax (?) files.  The only executable command is "g-wrap-config."

Can anyone give me a hint on this?  Do other people have "g-wrap"
commands installed on their systems somewhere?  I did an "updatedb" and
"locate g-wrap" -- there is command named g-wrap.


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