Gnucash, GTK2, and Windows

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Thu Dec 16 20:25:07 EST 2004


Has anyone tried Cooperative Linux

Its free and allows you to run linux program 'in' windows, 
Havent used it myself but it might allow for gnucash on windows



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Hmm, the search facilities at are pretty good IMHO
-- how did they fail for you?

To answer your question: no, there is no gnucash for windows.  The
sources, as they exist today, wont compile.  I think it'll be _easier_
once we finish the gtk2 port, but that's still a while away.

None of the current developers care about Windows, so we have no plans
or intentions of implementing a windows port ourselves.  However, we are
certainly amenable to accepting patches to enable gnucash to build on
windows, provided those patches are portable and dont stop the code from
building on existing platforms.


Aaron Dalton <aaron at> writes:

> I am certain this question has been asked, but I am finding the 
> mailing list archives difficult to search.  I currently run Gnucash on

> my FreeBSD box and have grown entirely reliant upon it.  I have 
> friends who want to begin using it as well but are not as yet prepared

> for a complete migration to *nix.  I have been searching the net for 
> ways to run Gnucash under windows XP but am not having much luck.  I 
> have used Cygwin in the past but am finding no stable support for KDE 
> or Gnome therein, nor have I found any encouraging reports of 
> successful Gnucash builds under Cygwin.  Has anybody out there 
> succeeded in getting Gnucash to run under Cygwin?  With Gnucash being 
> ported to GTK2, and there being a Windows port of GTK2, will a Gnucash

> port also be in the works?  If ever I wished I had more C++ skills 
> than I have, it is now =/
> Thank you for your time.
> Aaron
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