Strange completion behavior

Christopher Stawarz cstawarz at
Sat May 1 12:52:38 EDT 2004


I just started using GnuCash (version 1.8.9 on Debian
testing), and I'm really puzzled at how it's
completing some transactions that I enter in the
register window.  Here's what's happening:

I'm trying to enter a share purchase into a mutual
fund account via the account register.  I enter the
date, the name of the parent account (of type "Bank")
in the "Transfer" column, the share price in the
"Price" column, and the amount I'm investing in the
"Buy" column.  I then hit enter, expecting that the
"Shares" column will be calculated as Buy/Price.

The numbers I enter are

  Price = 187.1172
  Buy   = 7.80

So when I press "Enter", I expect to see the
transaction created with the Price and Buy values I
entered, and Shares set to 0.0417 (+/- a few decimal
places).  Instead, the recorded values are

  Shares = 0.04
  Price  = 195
  Buy    = 7.80

While these values are consistent with each other,
they are not the values I wanted entered.  Even if
GnuCash does want to round Shares down to 2 decimal
places, there's no reason for it to change Price
(which is fixed).

Can someone explain why GnuCash changes the Price
column and how I can get it to behave as I'd expect? 
I'd appreciate any help.


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