Localization question

Claudia Ringwald cringwald at gmx.net
Sun May 16 07:38:06 EDT 2004

Hi Derek, Hi Jan, 

Am Samstag, 15. Mai 2004 19:26 schrieb Derek Atkins:
> "Jan Teluch" <gnucash at 2600.sk> writes:
> > Thanks.
> > Is there any way how to avoid it? Are all versions of gtkhtml affected?
> No way to avoid it.. We're hoping this will get fixed in the g2 port.

I had the same problem with my german "version" working with gnucash 1.8.8 on 
Suse 9.1 (which is using UTF8 as standard). 
The following hint from Frank Gard did solve my problems with the reports: 

I'd made an amendment to the file /opt/gnome/bin/gnucash (which is a wrapper 
in form of a shell script)  after the export of the PATH-variable (I hope 
this english translation is correct ...) as follows (see also below the full 
text of the file): 

export LANG

With this amendment gnucash is using the Latin-1-lettercode instead of the 
system standard and all my typical German letters are displayed correctly. 

I hope this hint helps also with special Swedish (or other) language(s) 

Thanks to Frank Gard for the hint and help!


And this is the full text of my "new" file /opt/gnome/bin/gnucash

export PATH

# start of amendment FG, 16.05.2004
export LANG
# end of amendment FG, 16.05.2004


exec "gnucash" "$@"

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