Docs for the guile interface to gnucash?

Jeremy Hankins nowan at
Sun May 16 21:41:36 EDT 2004

Josh Sled <jsled at> writes:
> On Sat, 2004-05-15 at 19:51, Jeremy Hankins wrote:

>> gnucash functionality from guile code?  I'm interested not so much in
>> report generation (though that may be fun to play with) but creating
>> more complex scheduled transactions, and that sort of thing.
> What complexity do you want to add into scheduled transactions?

The example I had in mind was calculating loan payments differently
(e.g., compounded continuously).  From what I can see, this would be
fairly straightforward: just write the appropriate functions in my
config.user, and use them from the scheduled transaction editor.

> As Derek mentioned, this may not be as easy as you hope...  Currently,
> non of the SX functionality is exposed to guile, and there's no
> already-defined or clear-cut 'hook' locations.

That's disappointing.  I was hoping for something like emacs or
sawfish.  Oh well.

> Look for the '.spec' files to see the declarations for the later, which
> is provided via g-wrap.


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