Docs for the guile interface to gnucash?

Josh Sled jsled at
Sun May 16 17:13:43 EDT 2004

On Sat, 2004-05-15 at 19:51, Jeremy Hankins wrote:

> gnucash functionality from guile code?  I'm interested not so much in
> report generation (though that may be fun to play with) but creating
> more complex scheduled transactions, and that sort of thing.  

What complexity do you want to add into scheduled transactions?

As Derek mentioned, this may not be as easy as you hope...  Currently,
non of the SX functionality is exposed to guile, and there's no
already-defined or clear-cut 'hook' locations.

> Do I need
> to look to the source (a daunting prospect, given the size of the
> gnucash project), or is there documentation available?

Guile and C interact in gnucash in two primary ways:

* guile-native functionality made available to the C code -- e.g., 
  reports [somewhat]

* C code wrapped for guile -- e.g., the Engine, GUI interface 

Look for the '.spec' files to see the declarations for the later, which
is provided via g-wrap.

Those declarations are pretty straightforward, so if there's
functionality you want in guile that's not already available, it should
be easy enough to wrap it.

At the same time, I believe we're more interested in ultimately
_reducing_ the volume of scheme code in gnucash, and moving to SWIG for
bindings to other languages...

The code is the best documentation, at the moment.


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