Docs for the guile interface to gnucash?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat May 15 20:01:21 EDT 2004

Jeremy Hankins <nowan at> writes:

> I'm interested in switching to gnucash (from Quicken) and I very much
> like the idea of a more scriptable base, but I can't seem to find any
> documentation on the guile bindings used in gnucash....  I.e., how do I
> access guile code I write from within gnucash, and how do I access
> gnucash functionality from guile code?  I'm interested not so much in
> report generation (though that may be fun to play with) but creating
> more complex scheduled transactions, and that sort of thing.  Do I need
> to look to the source (a daunting prospect, given the size of the
> gnucash project), or is there documentation available?

I doubt you can create "more complex scheduled transactions" from guile.
In the build tree you can search for gw-*.html for the documentation
of the guile bindings.  These files are not installed anywhere.

You can write a ~/.gnucash/config.user to hook in your own guile code.
Just be sure you load ~/.gnucash/ from config.user
otherwise you'll lose your personal configuration.

> Hints, tips, and pointers greatly appreciated.

Read the FAQ.. Read the email archives.

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