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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue May 18 23:48:52 EDT 2004


Vasil Vasilev <vasil-gnucash at sychron.com> writes:

> OK, very well, a patch is a attached to gnucash-1.8.8 and it seems
> there is no change to the file in 1.8.9. Excuse me if it doesn't match

Thanks for your patch!!  Before I go throwing issues at you, I do
want to thank you for your time and effort.  However....

Is there any chance you could:

1) create a bug report and attach it there, and
2) create the patch using "diff -u"?

Using diff -u is much easier to read than using -c.  The context diff
creates pages of changes and makes it harder to see what you actually
changed.  Also, make sure your changes are NOT just white-space

Also, I noticed from my perusal of the patch that you removed an option
to "export"...  I haven't looked closely to see what the "export?"
argument is all about, but are you sure it should be removed?

> Now that I've done my first coding in Schema, I might do something about
> allowing entering the time of transactions and/or timezones for
> accounts, both of which have design issues: time entry requires extra
> space on the screen; time of transaction should be possible to be
> included in the reports; some accounts are fixed to timezones (e.g,
> bank accounts, credit cards), others aren't (e.g. cash and currency
> that you carry). Both of these are mostly useful for cash flow
> analyses and prediction.

A couple of comments.  First, the language is called "scheme", not
"schema".  Second, most of the code is in C, not scheme, so having
coded in scheme really wont affect you on the vast majority of
issues..  And indeed adding time-of-day support would require C
hacking, not scheme hacking, in order to change the register.  Third,
if you DO plan to incorporate time-of-day, it should be done on the
gnome2 branch, not HEAD or 1.8 because it's a UI change and frankly
we're not making UI changes anywhere but g2.

> Thanks.


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