CSV again

Vasil Vasilev vasil-gnucash at sychron.com
Wed May 19 09:39:44 EDT 2004

> 1) create a bug report and attach it there, and
> 2) create the patch using "diff -u"?

Will do in a couple of days.

> Using diff -u is much easier to read than using -c.  The context diff
> creates pages of changes and makes it harder to see what you actually
> changed.  Also, make sure your changes are NOT just white-space
> changes.

I knew that... :) One line is a white-space change which I didn't bother 

> Also, I noticed from my perusal of the patch that you removed an option
> to "export"...  I haven't looked closely to see what the "export?"
> argument is all about, but are you sure it should be removed?

Actually, I reversed the order of the diffs and I am actually introducing the 
export? argument. I will fix that as well.

> A couple of comments.  First, the language is called "scheme", not
> "schema".

my mistake. no offense meant to anyone.

>  Second, most of the code is in C, not scheme, so having
> coded in scheme really wont affect you on the vast majority of
> issues..  And indeed adding time-of-day support would require C
> hacking, not scheme hacking, in order to change the register.

I looked at this some time ago and gave up because of the coding in scheme to 
produce option to include it or remove it. I have coded in C before.

> Third,
> if you DO plan to incorporate time-of-day, it should be done on the
> gnome2 branch, not HEAD or 1.8 because it's a UI change and frankly
> we're not making UI changes anywhere but g2.

Should I be posting these to the devel list then? Similarly should the 
design issues I mentioned go there too? And finally I've placed the 
Table export option in the General tab, you may want to move it to the 
Display. My line of thinking was that the Display tab options are mainly used 
for the column to display...


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