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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed May 19 10:31:37 EDT 2004

Vasil Vasilev <vasil-gnucash at sychron.com> writes:

>> Also, I noticed from my perusal of the patch that you removed an option
>> to "export"...  I haven't looked closely to see what the "export?"
>> argument is all about, but are you sure it should be removed?
> Actually, I reversed the order of the diffs and I am actually
> introducing the export? argument. I will fix that as well.

Ahh.. That makes more sense, then ;)

>>  Second, most of the code is in C, not scheme, so having
>> coded in scheme really wont affect you on the vast majority of
>> issues..  And indeed adding time-of-day support would require C
>> hacking, not scheme hacking, in order to change the register.
> I looked at this some time ago and gave up because of the coding in
> scheme to produce option to include it or remove it. I have coded in C
> before.

Oh, adding an option is really easy.  Just look at
src/app-utils/prefs.scm and add a new one there. :)

>> Third,
>> if you DO plan to incorporate time-of-day, it should be done on the
>> gnome2 branch, not HEAD or 1.8 because it's a UI change and frankly
>> we're not making UI changes anywhere but g2.
> Should I be posting these to the devel list then? Similarly should the
> design issues I mentioned go there too? And finally I've placed the
> Table export option in the General tab, you may want to move it to the
> Display. My line of thinking was that the Display tab options are
> mainly used for the column to display...

Actually, yes..  We've long-since passed the -user threshold.  I've
cc'd -devel, so feel free to remove -user when you reply and we can
continue this on -devel.

I still believe that you should file a bug report and attach your
patch there -- that way we wont forget about it and we'll have a
searchable record for others to look at.  Sending patches to -devel
(or even -patches) works but can sometimes get lost.


> Vasil


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