Question on billing procedure

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu May 20 09:57:59 EDT 2004

Des Dougan <des at> writes:

> I recently did some business with a computer reseller friend, where I
> acquired two disk drives, one for myself and the second for a client.
> I've entered the one I bought as an Expense:Computer Hardware with the
> liability under Accounts Payable. When I entered the bill from this
> vendor, I put the cost of both devices in the record, which has put the
> cost of the one I bought into AP twice, which is obviously wrong (the
> drive sold to the client was entered under Income:Sales:Hardware Sales,
> linked to Accounts Receivable).
> Am I missing something obvious here (very likely, I know)? What is the
> correct way of processing this bill?

Never EVER hand-enter transactions into A/P.  Delete that (wrong)
transaction.  Always use the Bill interface.

> Thanks,
> Des


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