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Sun May 23 02:04:15 EDT 2004

On May 19, 2004, at 3:49 PM, Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:

> I'd be happy to summarize results if people would prefer to email me
> directly instead of posting to the list.

Thanks for the recommendations.  I received two.  One publicly 
discussed one was for

  Schaum's Outline of Bookkeeping and Accounting
  Joel J. Lerner
  ISBN: 0070375933

I haven't looked at a Shaum's Outline in more than 25 years.  But I 
remember them as being extremely clear.  Typically better than the full 
textbooks, so I'm pleased to follow this up.

I also received by email a recommendation for

   Accounting for Dummies

The person who recommended that added,

   At first I was offended by the title, but then decided that if I 
   a book by its cover, that really would make me a dummy. Closer look
   revealed that it was a better book than the other one I had in mind.

I too have heard that the titles in those series are deceptive.  I've 
had extensive email discussions with an author of "Internet for 
Dummies" and was very impressed by what he was doing.  However, I have 
to confess that there is a limit to what I would put on a book case 
that someone visiting me might see.  And this does cross that limit.  I 
know it's silly of me, but that I'm stuck with my silliness.



PS:  I'd also like to apologize for the format of my original post.  It 
was the unfortunate consequence of initially composing in a mailer that 
uses simple text/plain, placing in "Drafts" and then finishing it with 
a mailer that uses text/plain; format=flowed.  Now all I need to do is 
learn how to turn off format=flowed in what I'm using.

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