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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon May 24 13:08:06 EDT 2004

Joseph Mack <mack.joseph at epa.gov> writes:

> The .xac files are backups of your basic file. If you're happy that
> everything is correct in your basic file, you can delete them.
> I mv these to an xac directory, which I purge occasionally.

Gnucash will auto-delete these files on its own if you don't move

> Since your gnucash file is binary, if you make some finger slippage

Uhh, no its not.  It's XML which is ASCII.  It hasn't been binary
sincew 1.4 (although it'll soon move back to being a "binary" file
when we move to an embedded SQL storage system like SQLite).

> This brings up reconciling. If you move an earlier entry to another
> account, the balance in the account will change, even though all the entries
> are noted as reconciled. I assume then that an entry is reconciled, rather 
> than the balance. Presumably someone else knows whether reconciliation 
> applies to the balance or to the entry but I don't know. If reconciliation
> applies to the balance, then it would be nice to be able to lock earlier
> entries so that they can't be moved without an override.

All balances are computed.  Reconciliation applies to Transactions
(more accurately, to Splits, which are parts of a Transaction).  If
you change a Tranasaction Split after you reconciled it then all your
Balances will be wrong.  Think about it this way: You reconcile a
transaction into account A, basically saying "yes, this transaction
affects account A and the ending balance is $X".  If you then change
this to account B, what does that mean?  You've already acknowledged
that the transaction belongs to account A....

> I have no idea how to use a log file and I delete them.

File -> Import -> Log Replay.  Only necessary if gnucash crashes.

> Joe


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