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Mon May 24 13:37:15 EDT 2004

On 24 May, Joseph Mack wrote:
> Donald D Henson wrote:
>> SuSE Linux 9.1, gnucash 1.8.8, Gnome 2.4
>> After using GnuCash for awhile, there are a rather large number of files
>> with the extensions of .log or .xac accumulated in the same folder with
>> the basic file used to open a set of accounts. 
> The .xac files are backups of your basic file. If you're happy that
> everything is correct in your basic file, you can delete them.
> I mv these to an xac directory, which I purge occasionally.
> Since your gnucash file is binary, if you make some finger slippage
> disaster, there is no easy way to debug your file to figure out
> what you did to it. Once I had to use an xac file about a month
> old to figure out what had happened to some entries (I'd moved a 
> series of matching entries to a different account and had mis-moved one -
> the result was that the balance that should have showed in my bank acount
> no longer matched the statement from the bank for the previous month).
> This brings up reconciling. If you move an earlier entry to another
> account, the balance in the account will change, even though all the entries
> are noted as reconciled. I assume then that an entry is reconciled, rather 
> than the balance. Presumably someone else knows whether reconciliation 
> applies to the balance or to the entry but I don't know. If reconciliation
> applies to the balance, then it would be nice to be able to lock earlier
> entries so that they can't be moved without an override.
> I have no idea how to use a log file and I delete them.
> Joe
If you look under Edit-->Preferences-->General you'll find an option for
how long to keep log files.  Gnucash will happily delete files older
than the value you set there.
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