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Mon May 24 13:14:20 EDT 2004

In message <gemini.hy8a2r00h52i803b4 at pettigrew.org.uk>, John Pettigrew writes:
>In a previous message, Joseph Mack <mack.joseph at epa.gov> wrote:
>> Since your gnucash file is binary, if you make some finger slippage
>> disaster, there is no easy way to debug your file to figure out what you did
>> to it.
>Are there different formats? Here, GnuCash is using XML, which is easy to
>investigate manually. Indeed, the only way to change the invoice number being
>used is to edit the XML (essential when moving from a different accounting
>system to GC, when invoice numbers have already been used).

At some time there was a change from the older binary format to the
newer XML foemat.  I don't remember the version number where this

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