Upgraded system and GnuCash

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed May 26 11:46:02 EDT 2004

John Pettigrew <john at pettigrew.org.uk> writes:

>> Did you copy all your homedir files across the upgrade?
> Nope - too many old config files and I wanted to start fresh, given the new
> versions of KDE and Gnome. Is there anywhere else I should look apart from the
> files I mentioned (the accounts file itself, ~/.gnucash and ~/.gnome/gnucash)?

Well, ~/.gnome/GnuCash -- but the rest should be sufficient.

You said you put it onto a different disk..  Are you sure the _FULL_ path
is the same?  It's still /home/john/...???  If so I can't imagine why
it's not finding your reports..  Unless you're upgrading from 1.6.
Are there any error messages on the terminal?

> OK. I've no time to learn Scheme, so I'll just have to wait (with bated
> breath!).

WTF?  Why do so many people think you need to learn scheme to hack on
GnuCash?  80% of the fricken code is in C!!!  Sure, there are areas that
are pure scheme, like reports, but JEEZ...

Besides, scheme is easy to learn..  Someone else (who will hopefully
speak up) taught himself scheme in a day.  Go read a few websites
while you pull down the g2 branch and get it building.. :)

Also, there are lots of non-coding tasks to be done, like documenting
which features are still unimplemented or don't work right.

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