exporting gnucash-data

John Arrowwood jarrowwx at hotmail.com
Sun May 30 03:02:41 EDT 2004

My solution was a perl script that parsed the XML and output CSV files.  I 
then used MS Access and created link tables to the CSV files.  Then, I could 
use SQL to create any view of that data that I wanted, which was then easily 
copy/pasted into another tool (e.g. excel).

Why not just create my own reports?  Because I don't even know where the 
source code for the reports are!  Yet...  and because I know perl really 
well, I don't know scheme at all.  Yet...  So, it was 'expedient' for me.

If that would be 'expedient' for you, too, let me know and I'll send you the 
perl code.

>From: Vasil Vasilev <vasil-gnucash at sychron.com>
>To: Anders Vinjar <andersvi at ulrik.uio.no>
>CC: gnucash-user at gnucash.org
>Subject: Re: exporting gnucash-data
>Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 15:40:49 -0400 (EDT)
>On Wed, 26 May 2004, Anders Vinjar wrote:
>>Ive been searching around a bit without finding any obvious
>>solutions: how can i get hold of my gnucash-file, or selected
>>data in gnucash, say transaction-data from one account, and
>>export it to work with it in other programs like for instance
>>spread-sheets (fex. gnumeric)?
>>Ive tried using various Reports without luck.
>I had exactly the same problem and found a work-around. It is not the best 
>but works for me. I do a transaction report, then select the contents, and 
>paste it into gnumeric. Works like a charm.
>[You can, of course, choose which fields go into the report, that is, 
>select what is exported.]
>You can also export the report into an HTML file, give it to someone else, 
>who can then use their favourite browser and copy and paste into their 
>favourite spreasheet.
>The only problem I had was that the subtotals had the wrong formatting for 
>that, but I submitted a patch which one of the developer committed to CVS 
>(and sorted out). So, if you need it get the CVS version, or I can tell you 
>what I did to patch my version. If you do the patching yourself, you may 
>not get the best of support from the developers here, so it is not quite 
>So, I will recommend doing a transaction report without subtotals, then 
>copy and paste into gnumeric until the next release.
>Sorry if this was long-winded. Hope this helps and let us know whether it 
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