Strange extra character in text reports

Daniel Andrews daniel.andrews at
Sun May 30 14:00:05 EDT 2004

Dear All,

I've been using GNUCash 1.8.9 for a while now, but have an extra character in 
my text based reports.... any of them.  I'm using GBP Great British Pounds 
and this is what I see in the Cash Flow report:

Money into selected accounts comes from	
Checking Interest			£0.27
Salary				£1,576,328.68
Money In				£1,576,328.95
Money out of selected accounts goes to	
Bank Service Charge	£0.05
Books				£43.00

I seem to have gained an extra "Â" before the pound sign and I can't seem to 
find how to remove it.

Help anyone?


PS.  Really looking forward to a budget plug-in for GNUCash ;-)

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