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Jean-David Beyer jdbeyer at
Sun May 30 08:12:46 EDT 2004

John Arrowwood wrote:
> Actually, what I mean is, the headers of the messages sent to the list 
> are not what I expect.
> I expect a "Reply-To" header that lists the list address.  Of course, 
> the REASON that I expect that is because of the fact that all the other 
> lists I've been on have worked that way.  Doesn't mean it SHOULD.
> But you know, it kinda sucks getting two copies of the same 
> from the guy that replied, and one from the list, because 
> he cc'd the list.
> With a Reply-To header, hitting Reply would set the To: address to the 
> list.  Sure, to reply only to the individual requires extra work.  You 
> have to change the address.  But most traffic should be on-list or 
> off-list, not both, right?
> Oh, well.  It's just weird for me, that's all.  I'll adapt.  That's the 
> joy of being human! :)
With my Mozilla Linux mailer, if I click reply, it goes to the author 
only, not the list. The other reply option is Reply All which sends to the 
list and the author. I hate getting replies like that, because I sometimes 
go to all the trouble to reply, and only the original author gets it. So I 
must ReplyAll, delete the To entry, change the CC entry to To, and then 
send, as I do now. Since no other mailing list seems to do this, I 
frequently forget.

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