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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun May 30 10:09:43 EDT 2004

Come on, so you get two copies of the mail.  My MUA copes with
that just fine and only shows me one of them (the second one
is trashed).

Teach yourself to ReplyAll...  It's not that hard.

Here's the issue, there are times when you WANT to send a message just
to the poster.  For example, if you're handling private, sensitive
information, you DON'T want it to go to the list.  If you have all
messages "Reply-To: the-list" then you CANNOT DO THAT!!!

We deal with sensitive information at time, so we need to allow the
most flexibility.  That means that all gnucash-* subscribers should
REPLY-ALL all the time!

If you don't like that, well, you're welcome to unsubscribe.


Jean-David Beyer <jdbeyer at> writes:

> John Arrowwood wrote:
>> Actually, what I mean is, the headers of the messages sent to the
>> list are not what I expect.
>> I expect a "Reply-To" header that lists the list address.  Of
>> course, the REASON that I expect that is because of the fact that
>> all the other lists I've been on have worked that way.  Doesn't mean
>> it SHOULD.
>> But you know, it kinda sucks getting two copies of the same
>> from the guy that replied, and one from the list,
>> because he cc'd the list.
>> With a Reply-To header, hitting Reply would set the To: address to
>> the list.  Sure, to reply only to the individual requires extra
>> work.  You have to change the address.  But most traffic should be
>> on-list or off-list, not both, right?
>> Oh, well.  It's just weird for me, that's all.  I'll adapt.  That's
>> the joy of being human! :)
> With my Mozilla Linux mailer, if I click reply, it goes to the author
> only, not the list. The other reply option is Reply All which sends to
> the list and the author. I hate getting replies like that, because I
> sometimes go to all the trouble to reply, and only the original author
> gets it. So I must ReplyAll, delete the To entry, change the CC entry
> to To, and then send, as I do now. Since no other mailing list seems
> to do this, I frequently forget.
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