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Bill Wisse wiswp at
Sun May 30 14:46:05 EDT 2004

On Sunday 30 May 2004 03:09, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Come on, so you get two copies of the mail.  My MUA copes with
> that just fine and only shows me one of them (the second one
> is trashed).
> Teach yourself to ReplyAll...  It's not that hard.

There is one other thing what puzzles me. ( not that it matter much but ....)
The other day I send a message to the list and I got a reply " of list" from 
I replied to that message and the first sentence of your reply was ( in 
capitals) send all your replies to the list , or something.
I have no problems in doing that, but as you can see mistakes are easy made.

> If you don't like that, well, you're welcome to unsubscribe.

Hey Derek, this is not about subscribe or unsubscribe.
It was just a comment of one of the Gnucash users.

Greetings from

/bill at 169 west , 19 south.  
Disclaimer: Any errors in spelling, tact, or fact are
transmission errors."


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