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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun May 30 21:36:10 EDT 2004

Bill Wisse <wiswp at> writes:

> On Sunday 30 May 2004 03:09, Derek Atkins wrote:
>> Come on, so you get two copies of the mail.  My MUA copes with
>> that just fine and only shows me one of them (the second one
>> is trashed).
>> Teach yourself to ReplyAll...  It's not that hard.
> There is one other thing what puzzles me. ( not that it matter much but ....)
> The other day I send a message to the list and I got a reply " of list" from 
> you.

Uh, no, I responded on the list, but you might have gotten two copies..
Unless you set up a specific Reply-To when you sent it.


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