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Sun May 30 22:45:25 EDT 2004

On 30 May 2004, Robert Uhl wrote:

> Date: 30 May 2004 07:41:19 -0600
> From: Robert Uhl <ruhl at>
> To: gnucash-user at
> Subject: Re: List settings
> "John Arrowwood" <jarrowwx at> writes:
> > Actually, what I mean is, the headers of the messages sent to the list
> > are not what I expect.  I expect a "Reply-To" header that lists the
> > list address.  Of course, the REASON that I expect that is because of
> > the fact that all the other lists I've been on have worked that way.
> > Doesn't mean it SHOULD.
> And, in fact, it shouldn't:
> <>.
> > But you know, it kinda sucks getting two copies of the same
> > from the guy that replied, and one from the list,
> > because he cc'd the list.
> A good mailer has both 'reply to sender' and 'reply to list'
> functions--and neither sends two emails.  Unfortunately, the world is
> full of bad mailers.

That kind of response is neither helpful, nor conducive to goodwill 
between list subscribers.

I use what is perhaps one of the most powerful, and, most established 
email applications - PINE, and it does not do what you describe.

As a list administrator, myself, on various lists, I have those lists 
set to default to reply to the list, as it is much simpler for everyone, 
and, replies to individuals are less common on those lists.

A mailing list can be easily set to default to reply to the list - if it 
is not already done, then it is a matter of requesting it of the list 
administrator, and the list administrator responding.

In this case, the list administrator has apparently responsded with 
"like it or lump it - the list will default to reply to sender", so 
there is not much we can do about that.

But, comments like "My email application is better than yours and yours 
is a heap of junk because it does not act the way that mine does", are 
not helpful to anyone.

Bret Busby
West Australia

"So once you do know what the question actually is,
 you'll know what the answer means."
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