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Robert Uhl ruhl at
Sun May 30 09:41:19 EDT 2004

"John Arrowwood" <jarrowwx at> writes:

> Actually, what I mean is, the headers of the messages sent to the list
> are not what I expect.  I expect a "Reply-To" header that lists the
> list address.  Of course, the REASON that I expect that is because of
> the fact that all the other lists I've been on have worked that way.
> Doesn't mean it SHOULD.

And, in fact, it shouldn't:

> But you know, it kinda sucks getting two copies of the same
> from the guy that replied, and one from the list,
> because he cc'd the list.

A good mailer has both 'reply to sender' and 'reply to list'
functions--and neither sends two emails.  Unfortunately, the world is
full of bad mailers.

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