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Bill Wisse wiswp at
Mon May 31 14:00:24 EDT 2004

On Monday 31 May 2004 05:12, Derek Atkins wrote:

> For the record, another reason I like the reply-to-all is that I can
> see when the list server is having problems!  When I get my personal
> copy but not the list copy I know to look at the server and see what's
> going on.  When they arrive within 60 seconds of each other I know
> that everything is behaving properly.  And as I said, my MUA will
> shunt the duplicate and only show me one of them.

Well, that's where my confusing is.
You send  a reply on yesterdays email to my address and CC to GCash.
I got the email but haven't seen it on the list and it is now 12 hours later.
I think that happened last time, hence me thinking that you only responded 
"Off list".
And I have a key programmed that I never send double email, never.
So it went to you and not to the list.

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/bill at 169 west , 19 south.  
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transmission errors."


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