Year-End solutions

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Drag'n drop is unnecessary. Sounds like you have it under control.


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On Saturday 02 April 2005 9:08 pm, ted creedon wrote:
> How about check boxes in the transaction find popup menu?
> Copy/Cut selected, Copy/Cut not-selected And paste into a new instance 
> of Gnucash.

A new instance of the program is not necessary (nor probably desirable) -
all you need is a new book. GnuCash uses QOF sessions that can separate data
into books. The book is what is saved to file. 

The book merge code already has two books (each in their own session) and
copies data between the two. There is nothing stopping GnuCash simply
copying selected transactions between books, except the code is still new
and largely untested. The framework is there, the interface is not.

I've got a dialog planned that will allow any QOF entity (i.e. transactions,
accounts, invoices, customers, bills, entries, but not currencies) to be
copied arbitrarily between sessions. It's intended to provide export of any
selection of any number / type of entities to QSF XML. Once exported, these
can be imported into any book. The only remaining issue would be
Again, the functions now exist in CVS (Gnome2 branch only) to copy the QOF
entities, but building a user interface for such a task is pending. There is
no reason why this could not be adapted to skip the file stage and pass the
data directly to a book within GnuCash.

It's an SMOP.

Simple Matter Of Programming. It won't be ready for the first release of the
Gnome2 port unless someone else volunteers - I've got lots of other work to
finish before starting on a new section - but it is possible, desirable,
achievable and will be available. Just not for this year.

Please understand that there is no "drag-and-drop" method available for your
idea. It is not a simple task and there are still issues about whether my
plan will do what is anticipated.

Also, there are more issues to a year-end than simply copying transactions -
the business objects need careful consideration.


Neil Williams

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