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Des Dougan des at
Sat Apr 2 23:21:25 EST 2005

I download a QFX format file from my bank and use it to match (so far,
so simple). However, I have a couple of new issues I'd like cleared up:

     1. I recently paid in two cheques via ATM. While I entered
        individual values during the transaction, the bank download
        shows the total of the two. It would appear to be impossible to
        match this sum against the two transactions. If this is the
        case, what is the recommended way - to match against the A/R as
        it seems to want to do by default, or to not match at all?
     2. One of the above two deposits was unfortunately returned NSF, so
        my account has been debited the cheque value plus a processing
        fee. Am I right in assuming the debit should be matched against
        the current account, and the fee against bank charges? And is
        the recommended way to mark the paid invoice as unpaid, or
        should I create a new invoice (and include the processing fee I
        was charged)?



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