Processing Customer Payments

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Apr 4 23:45:03 EDT 2005

Quoting Jeffrey Goldberg <jeffrey at>:

> On Apr 1, 2005, at 5:00 AM, Derrick Ashby wrote:
> > I certainly have an account for each
> > customer, but the only way to tell which invoices have been paid and
> > which haven't is to religiously enter the invoice number and 
> > description
> > at every stage of the transaction and ignore the "Paid" column
> > altogether.  The main problem is that the receivables aging report is
> > completely useless.
> Me, too.  I had assumed that this "work-around" that I'd stumbled 
> across reflected my ignorance of GnuCash, and I was going to ask how to 
> deal with the properly when I came across this thread.
> And I really would like to have a usable receivables aging report.
> I realize that GnuCash is GPLed, and so it would be much nicer for me 
> to submit a patch along with the complaint.  But (a) I'm just getting 
> to grips with bookkeeping in the first place, (b) I'm just getting to 
> grips with how GnuCash works (at the user level).  (c) I'm not a very 
> good coder.

Um, the aging report has always worked for me.  Invoices are paid FIFO.

You only want/need ONE A/R account.  If you're running with an A/R per customer
then you're doing it wrong.


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