Invoice total error

David Blomquist dbl at
Fri Apr 8 21:06:11 EDT 2005

I have been using GnuCash for a couple of years now and I have found an
error that has occurred only twice in that time.  I searched the
archives but didn't find a reference to this error except for the one
time I had posted about it before.  I never did file a bug report,
though.  If someone could replicate this for me or let me know if this
has already been reported, I would greatly appreciate it.  I am using
GnuCash 1.8.11 on FC3. I will present the items in a business invoice
that I created that gives me an incorrect total.  My state and local tax
is 8.25% and is added to some of the items.

Description Quantity Unit Price Taxable Subtotal Tax

Item one    1.00      43.29             43.29     0.00
Item two    1.00      60.00     X       60.00     4.95
Item three   .50      90.00	X	45.00	  3.71
Item four    .25      90.00	X	22.50     1.86
Item five    .25      90.00	X	22.50     1.86

Total:$205.66  Subtotal:$193.29   Tax:$12.38

I have added the columns of the Subtotal and Tax columns and found that
they are correct but the Total of 205.66 is incorrect; it should be

Oddly, when I print the invoice, the total is correct but when I run a
Customer Report, the incorrect total is listed.

David Blomquist <dbl at>

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