Reconcilliation Woes

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Thu Apr 14 13:09:29 EDT 2005

Roland Roberts wrote:
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>>>>>>"da" == Derek Atkins <warlord at MIT.EDU> writes:
>     da> Still, calling what GnuCash does "wrong" is inaccurate.  GnuCash
>     da> gives you a GUESS.  You're supposed to correct it if the value
>     da> is wrong.
> FWIW, I'm perfectly happy with what GnuCash does and was never confused
> by it's "guess."  Yes, I usually have to change the value due to a
> difference between transaction date and post date with both the bank and
> the credit card companies.

Don't get me wrong here, I don't mean to imply that GnuCash is doing 
something "wrong" and I apologise for my unfortunate choice of wording. 
I was trying to discriminate between the two values available: 1)the 
number provided by GNC and 2) the number provided by a statement. And I 
was trying to point out that the user should use a methodology that 
provides the right value and that GNC attempts to provide this value, 
but that it should always be checked against the statement. Sorry 'bout 

I, too, am very happy with GNC and am not looking back to intuit at 
all... In fact, I have become a little local lobbyist in my world here 
and will consider it a great personal victory when I can get my wife to 
ditch intuit!

> Occasionally, I type the wrong value in the reconcile balance.  I don't
> know when it was added, but since GnuCash now allows you to modify the
> reconcile information after you've started reconciling, I'm a very happy
> camper.  I can remember several revs back when I had to abandon the
> reconciliation and start over.
> In short, I don't see any point in agonizing over the value when (1)
> it's a best guess and you are prompted to fill in the form, and (2) you
> can change it after you've started if you realize there is a problem.


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