Reconcilliation Woes

Richard Gilligan gilligan at
Thu Apr 14 17:23:02 EDT 2005

> Still, calling what GnuCash does "wrong" is inaccurate.  GnuCash
> gives you a GUESS.  You're supposed to correct it if the value is
> wrong.  Leaving it blank and making the user fill it in would cause
> more work on the user's part in the case where the guess is correct.
> Just because Quicken is broken this way does not imply GnuCash
> should reduce its own functionality.

So can I expect your support for my RFE dated 2005.04.01 that new 
transactions should be created with a random debit value since the 
random value might occasionally be the one needed?


I'll be here till thursday, try the veal!


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