Sotcks in different currencies with differents bank accounts currencies

Nicolas Scheffer nico at
Thu Apr 14 19:49:03 EDT 2005


Is there a change to have the implicit and explicit exchange rates to 
handle my current problem ?
Or it's a current real limitation on GnuCash ?

I suppose i am not alone to have different bank accounts with different 
currencies (USD and Euros) and handling stocks on both bank account 
with different currencies ?



On 21 déc. 04, at 22:18, Derek Atkins wrote:

Nicolas Scheffer <nico at> writes:

> Derek,
> Regarding you first answer my bank account is Euro and if i buy USD
> stocks trough this bank account, why i cannot apply an exchange rate
> like expenses on a bank account ?

Your Euro bank account can only handle Euro transactions.  You can't
translater between Euro, USD, *AND* a stock in one transaction.

> For the second answer, if i fill the transaction trough the bank
> account i will have also an exchange rate window or i will have the
> same problem ?

You should get the exchange-rate dialog.

> Maybe i do something wrong to setup my different accounts (stocks,
> banks, etc..) or does the current conception of Gnucash is not perfect
> to handle such case ?

Gnucash does not handle implicit exchange rates, which is what you're
asking for.  GnuCash also does not handle explicit transaction
currencies, which is also what you're asking for.

> Regards
> Nicolas


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