Paying Invoices and showing them as paid in "Find Invoice"

Stephan Pouh smpouh at
Mon Apr 18 11:55:35 EDT 2005

Hi everybody,

I ran over a somwhat stupid problem. For Business Trips I create an invoice to 
keep track of being refunded the expense. I have invoices from almost a year 
ago and all of them have been paid. However in the "Find invoice" window only 
some are being shown as having been paid. In no particular order. The first 
to appear as being paid, 3rd is not 4th is paid and so on. The A/R being used 
is "balanced", showing the open amount to be the last invoice from today.

I have tried reposting all invoices, to no avail.

In addition the A/R shows as the first entry Action "auto split", Type being 
"?". This shows as 340.41 as a payment and invoice in and out og the A/R. Any 
suggestions what I did wrong?


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