Giving up on Gnucash

Tim Meador tmeador at
Fri Apr 22 06:51:01 EDT 2005

* Rod Engelsman <rodengelsman at> [2005-04-22 05:27]:
> I switched to Gnucash mid-January as part of my immersion-therapy into 
> Linux. I gotta tell you, I really regret that decision now. Try as I 
> might I just can't learn to like this thing. A big part of it is that 
> I'm using it for personal finance rather than business books, so a lot 
> of what I'm looking for in that kind of program simply isn't in Gnucash, 
> while it has a lot of stuff I have no use for.
I have the opposite feeling.  Switching from M$ Money was the best thing
I've done.  I've only used Gnucash for personal finances so far, but
pretty soon I'll be switching by business over too, and I can hardly

> I've grown to despise the UI. So much so that I avoid opening the 
> program, which is no way to handle your finances. It seems like every 
> single thing that I want to do is harder in Gnucash than MSMoney.

Again, I feel the opposite.  M$ Money drives me nuts now.  A ridiculous
program - for example, why should a financial program require DirectX?
And with no double-entry, it loses me now.
After 3 1/2 years of using Gnucash I'm so used to it I can get things
done quicker and easier than I ever did before, despite it's quirks..  
> I understand that it's a work in progress. Honestly, what open-source 
> app isn't? So while it may not be kosher to complain, that still doesn't 
> mean that I have to like the product.
What proprietary program isn't?  If they're not working on uneeded new
features, they're working on finding some other way to force you to pay
to upgrade to a newer version. 

> GC doesn't have any kind of export function that I can find. 

I understand OIF export is in the works.

Oh well, one type of program can't suit everyone any more than one type
of car can.  But the developers have my thanks!
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