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Thanks for all the detailed help Derek.
I am new to using an internet forum of this type. Would I be correct in
saying that this type of forum is defined as a "user group"?
I received the message about CCing the GnuCash user list with replies,
this leads me to believe I need to educate myself on how such "user
groups(?)" operate. Any hints regarding, or references to how these
forums work generally would be helpful.
I noticed that the first few times you responded to my emails and I
replied by selecting "reply to sender" in my mail program's GUI, an
email was sent to you at your personal email address. However when
selecting "reply to sender" for your last email, my mail program placed
<gnucash-user at> in the "To:" field.
Even though my mail program lists your personal email address as the
sender of the last email I received, my "reply to sender" button placed
the <gnucash-user at> address in the "To:" field this time. How
did you make this happen?
Should I have replied to <gnucash-user at> each time I
responded OR replied to your personal email address AND CCed the reply
to <gnucash-user at>?

>>> warlord at MIT.EDU 04/20/05 11:52 AM >>>


"Andrew Dunkin" <Andrew.Dunkin at> writes:

> Thanks again,
> Would it then be correct to say that GNUcash does not look upon an
> in the form of a commodity as having $ value, and that only cold hard
> cash in the bank is counted towards "Net Assets $"? This seems
> counterintuitive to me (a non accountant). A stock has a $ value as
> as I can see.
> Andrew

No, it would not be correct to say that.  It would be correct to say
that the Net Assets bar only looks at one commodity at a time and
ignores everything else.  It's not telling you your current net worth,
it's telling you how many assets you have OF A PARTICULAR COMMODITY.
It tells you how many USD, AUD, CAD, or shared of SUNW you have, and
that is all it does.


>>>> Derek Atkins <warlord at MIT.EDU> 04/19/05 11:48 PM >>>
> Please cc: gnucash-user on your replies...
> If you read closely, the "Net Assets" really says "Net Assets $"
> meaning it's the total Net USD Assets.  Or, in your case, Net AUD
> Assets.
> -derek
> "Andrew Dunkin" <Andrew.Dunkin at> writes:
>> Thanks Derek,
>> I understand what you are saying however the "Net Assets" value does
> not
>> seem to be meaningful if the value of all assets held in the form of
>> stocks is excluded from it's calculation. I can click through the
>> down list as you described and view the value of each commodity in
>> isolation but I don't understand the value of this. My question was
>> prompted by the fact that the  "Net Assets" bar usually shows me to
>> "in the red", when in fact due to stocks held I am comfortably "in
>> black". I have prices for all stocks configured and the $ value of
> each
>> holding is shown correctly in the accounts window under the "Total
>> (Report)" heading. I also don't see where currency exchange issues
> come
>> into it. It seems odd to me that all assets excepting commodities are
>> used in calculation of ones "Net Assets".
>> Regards
>> Andrew Dunkin 
>>>>> Derek Atkins <warlord at MIT.EDU> 04/19/05 12:13 AM >>>
>> The Net Assets bar shows you the total assets in each commodity.
>> Click on it and it will let you choose which commodity you want
>> to see.  It does not use exchange rates to compute the value
>> in your locale currency as you seem to expect it would.
>> -derek
>> andrew <andrew.dunkin7424 at> writes:
>>> Immediately below the GUI menu buttons near the top of the Accounts
>> window is a
>>> small section that shows calculated values for "Net Assets" &
>> "Profits". It
>>> appears that the calculation of the figure shown here for "Net
> Assets"
>> does not
>>> take into account any "Investment" asset values, such as stocks and
>> mutual fund
>>> units. The value of such assets appears to be excluded from the
>> calculation of
>>> this "Net Asset" value. Is this correct and if so why are the values
>> of stocks
>>> etc not included in the calculation of the "Net assets" figure shown
>> beneath the
>>> GUI menu buttons?
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