Strange problem with balances changing over time

Baron Schwartz baron at
Thu Apr 21 19:03:36 EDT 2005


I have searched around for this but I can't seem to find the magic phrase 
that brings relevant results.  If you can point me to somewhere that 
explains what's happening, I'm grateful.

Some time ago I started to reconcile my Visa account and noticed that the 
starting balance didn't match my statement.  I looked back at my previous 
statements and the ending balance was the same as the starting balance of 
the current statement, so it wasn't a bank error.  I noticed that, in 
fact, all of the reconciled amounts were off, through all history, as far 
as I could tell, by the same amount my current starting balance was off.

I keep my GnuCash file in CVS so I checked out a previous revision and saw 
the same thing.  I am absolutely certain that my reconciliation brought my 
balance up to the same thing the bank said!

I entered an adjustment transaction and thought no more of it.  But today 
my savings account is off.  So I checked out the version from CVS that I 
committed after reconciling it last time.  Last time there were no 
outstanding transactions on my savings account, so the reconciled and 
actual balances agreed, and yet when I view the *same file* now, it says 
something different, to the tune of $24.93 less than the bank statement.

My version is 1.8.9, and /usr/bin/gnucash is dated Nov 29 14:05.  I am 
pretty sure that I haven't rebuilt GnuCash recently (I'm on Gentoo).  I am 
not sure that something else, like glibc or something, hasn't changed 
since Feb 26 when I last reconciled my savings account.  So I'm not sure 
that it's a GnuCash bug.  But apart from a system library changing, it 
seems that the only thing that's changed is the system clock.  I set my 
clock back to Feb 25 and the balance is still off.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Superstition brings bad luck.

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