Giving up on Gnucash

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If you're a businessman as I am, do a make or buy calculation. I've always
built my own computer and software tools - both Microsoft and Linux. I'm
both a MS developer and a Linux developer.

I would suggest hiring a summer CS (junior-senior year)intern to get GuCash
up and running and to make a list of needed enhancements for you. If you
finance the enhancements with your own team you'll have a competitive edge
and contribute something worthwhile to society.

Regarding Word, I couldn't agree more. Word crashes at about 30 pages with
photos. I delivered an 800 page Operations and Maintenance Manual to the
USAF last summer - done in 45 days with Latex. My client stated it was the
best O&M manual he has ever seen....The author of Tex, Donald Knuth, offers
a bounty on bugs. The first software bug finder gets $2, then next $4, etc
by a power of 2. The next bug is worth $32....

One needs to understand that Microsoft is slowly dying on the vine and Linux
is like the ivy that just creeps in everywhere..


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This is an interesting discussion, but most of all I want to thank Derek
Atkins and the other contributors to GnuCash for a great effort and fine

I came to GC by a different route - I was an OS/2 user and purchased
InCharge for accounting software.  I've been running *NIX systems for about
10 years and it was a natural to go to Linux after the demise of OS/2.  Now
InCharge is dead and I had about 11 years of data in that system.  (Yes,
InCharge has a Windows port, but no support has been available for >2 years
now.  The author, Bruce Landeck, has fully retired from development and will
fix only critical bugs to the existing
software.) GunCash accepted all my data perfectly and I couldn't be happier.

I am also using GnuCash for accounting on grants and for the accounts of a
professional society.

My wife would like to see a better UI, and I'm sure that'll come in due
time.  The interface might not be up to the latest M$ or Macintosh bells and
whistles, but it does function correctly.  

I am sorry to hear some people are leaving GnuCash.  I suspect it might be
frustration with the UI and other creature comforts, but as others have
pointed out, the problem is not open source software.  There are plenty of
problems with commercial software.  I am trying to finish a book and the
editor insists that it be delivered in M$ Word.  I have upgraded Word to the
latest version and it's still crap.  It may be functional for simple tasks
but it isn't up to a highly technical manuscript.  I should be using LaTex,
but we can't use that in the M$ world!  The point is that open source can be
superb, and commercial can be crap, but neither is 100% in one category or
the other.

Once again, thanks to Derek and all the other contributors for a great
alternative to commercial accounting software.

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