Giving up on Gnucash

ted creedon tcreedon at
Fri Apr 22 12:01:58 EDT 2005

The double entry system is much appreciated by my accountant. It also
identifies busts in the internal database which I believe answers one of my
previous criticisms about database design.


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Josh Sled wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-04-22 at 01:12, Rod Engelsman wrote:
>>I'm in just that situation now with Gnucash! I'm a lot more locked 
>>into this than I was into MSMoney. When I switched over in January I 
>>just exported my Money accounts as QIF files and imported into GC. But 
>>GC doesn't have any kind of export function that I can find. So how do 
>>I get my data back out of this thing in a useful form?
> There's also `gnucash-to-qif` --
> ...jsled

Thanks, I'll give that a shot.

And I know I sounded like an ungrateful ***hole, that wasn't really my
intent. I really *do* appreciate all the hard, unpaid, labor that's gone
into this program. It's just not what I was looking for.

And I'm dead serious about the need for someone to take this and fork it
into a product that's more friendly for home users migrating from Quicken,
Money, etc. The UI paradigm is squarely aimed at accountants and that's
fine, although the strict double-entry, debit & credit, scheme is little
more than an unneccessary anachronism. Banks don't even use it any more, not
in that way at least.  My bank statement has a single column with checks
shown as negative amounts and deposits as positive amounts. The
debit/credit, left column/right column business is simply a computational
device intended to minimize mistakes by clerks. 
My computer isn't prone to math mistakes so it isn't needed.

So, thanks, but see you later. Take care and I wish you the best.

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