Giving up on Gnucash

Rod Engelsman rodengelsman at
Fri Apr 22 23:20:12 EDT 2005

Stephen Fisher wrote:
> Have followed this thread for the past couple days, I am very disappointed.
> In my opinion Rod started this thread raising some very good issues, 
> specifically that: gnucash is not terribly user friendly, lacks some key 
> functionality, and needs a gui overhaul. All very valid points. There 
> have been a few good responses to his note, but unfortunately far too 
> many in my opinion have trod the familiar path of too many gu=nucash 
> threads. It the first sign of criticism the community goes on the 
> attack: how dare you criticize this fantastic free software, how dare 
> you question the fine volunteers slaving away in their free time on the 
> project, and the when all else fails lets beat the dead horse again 
> debate on the merits of double entry book keeping. All of which entirely 
> misses the point. Rod wants an easy to use, user friendly, reasonably 
> featured accounting solution to manage his finances. gnucash in its 
> present form is not the answer for him. In explaining why he hoped it 
> would help those coding gnucash to improve the product. I few 
> respondents got it. Sadly, many have not.

FWIW, *I didn't start this thread*. It was one Alex Kohl who made his 
announcement. I merely made a me-too with my reasons. His was from the 
perspective of a business user who found it inadequate for that use.

> For all the fanaticism out there about gnucash and I would say linux in 
> general, until the community grasps that the user not the coder is the 
> most important link in development, linux will continue to be a marginal 
> operating system. 99% percent of computer users simply want their 
> software to be attractive, easy to use, instantly understandable, 
> consistent, and competitively featured. They don't care how its coded, 
> why or by whom. Like electricty--when they turn it on, It just has too 
> work. So in this vein, lets thank Rod for his input and recognize that 
> as a user, particularly one who has found gnucash wanting, his input is 
> a very valuable sense check on current state gnucash and where it is 
> heading.
> To those coding gnucash, keep up the good work. I await your future 
> efforts.
> To Rod, thanks for input.

You're welcome. I, too, thank the developers.

And thank you for *your* support. It was feeling kinda lonely out here.


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