Giving up on Gnucash

Alex Roston tungtung at
Fri Apr 22 17:37:10 EDT 2005

Stephen Fisher wrote:

> Have followed this thread for the past couple days, I am very 
> disappointed.
> In my opinion Rod started this thread raising some very good issues, 
> specifically that: gnucash is not terribly user friendly, lacks some 
> key functionality, and needs a gui overhaul. All very valid points. 
> There have been a few good responses to his note, but unfortunately 
> far too many in my opinion have trod the familiar path of too many 
> gu=nucash threads. It the first sign of criticism the community goes 
> on the attack: how dare you criticize this fantastic free software, 
> how dare you question the fine volunteers slaving away in their free 
> time on the project, and the when all else fails lets beat the dead 
> horse again debate on the merits of double entry book keeping. 

Stephan, thanks for a very civil and appropriate understanding of the 


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