Giving up on Gnucash

Robert Uhl ruhl at
Sat Apr 23 15:09:41 EDT 2005

Stephen Fisher <slfshare at> writes:
> For all the fanaticism out there about gnucash and I would say linux
> in general, until the community grasps that the user not the coder is
> the most important link in development, linux will continue to be a
> marginal operating system.

So what if Linux remains marginal?  Who's at this party trying to defeat
Microsoft, Apple or anyone else?  Not me.  I'm just trying to be free.

As for the whole developer vs. user thing, it's pretty obvious that all
developers are users, but not all users are developers.  Given that
we're talking about software--which needs developers--the developers are
FAR more important than the users: without them nothing would get done.
I mean, we could all sit around all day saying, 'wouldn't it be cool if
GnuCash handled all my finances, and picked the best stocks, and ironed
my shirts, and found me a wife, and found the cure for the common cold,'
but without a developer to implement those features none of that means

Granted, it's useful for the developers to have the opinion
(appropriately salted) of a user as a single datum.  Granted, it can be
the case that those familiar with a piece of software mightn't notice
its issues.  But the fact remains: all that anyone who hacks GnuCash
need care about is whether or not he likes it.  If you _don't_, the
source is there after all.

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