Giving up on Gnucash

Adrian Simmons adrinux at
Fri Apr 22 17:15:37 EDT 2005

Rod Engelsman wrote:
> Frankly, I grow weary of the open-source attitude that you can't 
> complain or criticize.
You can complain...but look what happens :)
It's just not useful to complain per se, rather what's needed is 
constructive criticism - and you did some of that in your later posts.

But I have to say I'm with Anne (and others) on the two columns vs one 
column with +ve and -ve numbers. Before changing to Gnucash (which took 
three attempts and a mental paradigm shift) I used my own little 
database I wrote in ClarisWorks, and did just as you're suggesting - and 
I'd have terrible problems because every once in a while I'd neglect 
that little minus sign. Double entry helps immensely when things go 
wrong (I enter all my transactions by hand). Also my bank uses two 
columns in bank statements not one.

So as much as the suggestion is interesting I really don't see how it 
improves or makes things easier, conversely I can see it would make both 
data entry and tracking errors harder.

-1 on single columns.

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