How to make file save happen more often? (autosave)

Mark Johnson mrj001 at
Wed Aug 3 22:26:27 EDT 2005

Isn't gnucash "busy" during file save?  i.e. you cannot interact with it 
to, say, enter new transactions. 

If this is not the case, what to do when a user enters a transaction 
where one split is in an account already saved, and the other is not?  
File saving is not particularly quick, and this scenario would likely 
pop up frequently.

If it is the case that one cannot interact with gnucash during file 
save, then as a user, I would suggest this is annoying.

If the database rear-end is used, then file saving is not an issue.  My 
suggestion is to bring that rear-end up to speed.

Mark Johnson

Josh Sled wrote:

>On Wed, 2005-08-03 at 19:09 -0500, John Griessen wrote:
>>I'd like to force file save every so often.
>1/ Look in the mailing list archives for the the previous iterations of
>discussion about this; I recall the most recent one to have a relatively
>high S/N ratio.
>2/ Submit a patch.  I'd use gtk's timed event-notification to kick off
>the normal file-save behavior.  Certainly a-priori discussing a policy
>about what to do if the save required user input will make it easier to
>know what to implement.

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