how to build pdf of concepts guide with images?

Neil Williams linux at
Tue Aug 9 15:31:48 EDT 2005

On Tuesday 09 August 2005 8:00 pm, Neil Williams wrote:
> Tim Olsen wrote:
> | Hello.  I am trying to build a pdf of the concepts guide with images.
> Did you check the GnuCash website??

I suspect actually that I've already said that - was it you looking for a 
different paper size?

See this thread:

> | As explained in the README under gnucash-docs, "xmlto pdf
> | gnucash-guide.xml" does not work, and using docbook-utils does not
> | include the images.
> |
> | I tried going to FO ("xmlto fo gnucash-guide.xml") and then using fop,
> | but fop bails on me.  Attached is the output from fop.  I am using
> | Sun's java version 1.4.2_07-b05

Sorry, try filing a bug with fo or fop, I have no experience of it's use. I 
put the comment in the README only as a hint.

> |
> | Anybody know a way to build a pdf of the concepts guide with images?

To build your own that has different paper size or whatever else you may need, 
I'm afraid you'd be better off with the single page HTML version and start 
from there. PDF is actually quite a restrictive format and the conversion 
tools simply don't seem to be able to fold the images in via a script.

The solution is probably much simpler - obtain the display you want using some 
other format and then either print to PDF or save as PDF.

I never did understand why people love PDF so much, HTML is far more portable 
and far easier to convert between local printing preferences / display 
formats. I always find the text display of a PDF to be sub-optimal as it's 
little more than an image of a font rather than a genuine text output (as it 
would be in HTML).


Neil Williams

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